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thevignette's fanfiction
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in light of
Home to thevignette's writings. My main fandoms are DBSK and 2PM. Most, if not all, of my fanfiction involves male/male relationships, so if it isn't your cup of tea, you've been warned.


All works in the journal are fiction, and are in no way meant to reflect real life. Any resemblance to any real life scenarios and/or persons living or dead is purely coincidental. I do not own any of the characters used in the stories, and am not making any profit from this. No copyright infringement is intended, and this community does not condone nor encourage any sort of illegal activity.

like clockwork

All posts rated R and above are friends-locked, so please join to read. Membership is moderated, but feel free to join the community. I'll approve most, if not all requests, because this is just to filter out people I know in real life, because I am paranoid like that.

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